1.1) The application process will start after completing the form, than it will be checked by the staff members.
1.2) The minimum age for the applicants is 16, the exceptions will be analized individually.
1.3) Pilots with no valid IVAO or Vatsim ID will not be accepted.
1.4) It is prohibited for any pilot to fly in another Cruzeiro do Sul VA.

2.1) Online flights at IVAO or Vatsim and also offline flights will be accepted.
2.2) Our system requires that the pilot must file at least 04 (four) flights in the current month to maintain an active registration.
2.3) When flying online, it is mandatory for the pilot to enter the RMK as shown bellow: OPR / CRUZEIRODOSULVIRTUAL.ORG / PICXXXXXX (replacing XXXXXX with your callsign (ID) in the VA). Failure to comply with this rule will justify the rejection of flights.
2.4) The maximum landing rate (VS) for a PIREP approval is -500 ft/min.
2.5) Manual PIREPs can only be sent with the permission of a STAFF member.
2.6) Regular flights will only be accepted with an aircraft contained in the fleet. The pilot also must consider both locations: the aircraft and it’s own.
2.7) When flying online (IVAO or VATSIM), it is mandatory for the pilot to use the “CRZ” icao code.

3.1) New Hire: 0 to 10 hours
3.2) First Officer: 10 to 100 hours
3.3) Captain: 100 to 500 hours
3.4) Senior Captain: 501 onwards

4.1) All flights and procedures are continuously monitored.
4.2) It is recommended to be connected throughout the entire flight. Disconnection periods with more than 05 (five) minutes long will cause the flight to be cancelled.
4.3) All VFR e IFR flight rules must be obeyed by the Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines pilots.

5.1) The Flight Report contains all the information gathered by the ACARS system during the flight. The pilot must send the Flight Report in the end of each flight.
5.2) The Flight Reports must be sent only through the SmartCARS.
5.3) It is mandatory that all Flight Reports are chained with the respective booked flight, otherwise the Flight Report will be discarded.
5.4) The evaluators will reject any Flight Reports in disagreement with any Operational Standards Procedures of Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines or the aircraft itself.
5.5) A reevaluation of a declined Flight Report can be requested by the pilot.
5.6) Only the accepted Flight Reports will count in the sum of the flight hours, number of flights and other information.

6.1) The pilot can be absent for a period of 90 days without justification.
6.2) If the pilot will be in need of more than 90 days of absence, it must be communicated for the SATFF.
6.3) After the period of 90 days with no justification, the account will be deactivated.
6.4) If the pilot does not return after the justified absence period, the account will be excluded.

7.1) All data will be instantly removed after an account exclusion. Deleted information can not be retrieved.
7.2) The pilot can remove his own account at any time through the D.O (Operational Dispacth). Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines haves no responsibility of any deleted data.
7.3) Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines has the right, by its own discretion, to cancel or exclude any member’s account, at any time for any reason.

8.1) Posts on social medias should include the cruzeirodosulvirtual.org, flight callsing and the aircraft must be with the company liveries. Other liveries will result in account exclusion.
8.2) Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines offers a free of charge support. The support may be requested in both languages: English and Portuguese.
8.3) The members can not copy, reproduce or sell any content provided by Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines without a previous STAFF member authorization.
8.4) When flying online, the pilots must respect the rules and behave politely in the online environment.
8.5) No type of prejudice will be tolerated, whether by distinction of race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, any kind of disability or any other not mentioned here. Otherwise the pilot will be expelled from Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines and will be vulnerable to the penalties of the law.
8.6) Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines will not tolerate abuses of any nature. Disrespecting other members will result in account exclusion.
8.7) Braking any regulation or rule will result in a warning, penalty or even an account exclusion.
8.8) Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines uses third parties services to provide the needed structure to operate. Changes in these services may affect how the company works.
8.9) Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines is a non-profit organization and all services are offered free of charge. The maintenance of the company is made by voluntary donations of its members and STAFF.
8.10) Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines has the right, by its discretion, to change any of the rules presented here at any time.
8.11) All rules must be known and accepted in order to complete the application to be a member of Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual Airlines.

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations, you may continue to fill out the Application by clicking below.

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